What's the Message? Manifesting Package

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Manifesting Package: What's the Message?

This is a great ways to figure out what's going on with your pets and why and, of course, how to help them. . If you want to move forward, this is how you do it. Get the message, fix/act on the guidance you receive and get on with your life. (Lesson Learned) You'll figure out what is going on and why and understand the deeper workings of Spirit in your life. 

Manifesting eBook & Positive Intention Exercise & Journal
This 10 page eBook comes with all of the manifesting packages. It has a few tips and hints about manifesting, using your downloads and links to helpful information.
The 24 page Positive Intention Exercise and Journal is a short and sweet manifest now exercise that you can use everyday or just when you're working on something specific. It's great. Have fun!

What's the Message?
Why are things happening the way they are? What does it mean? Why me? Why now? What does it all mean? ... This meditation programs you to always get the answers (from yourself) to every question.
What's the Message Meditation is about getting the message. This meditation gives you time and space to review things that have happened or have been happening and understand what they mean. Would you like to know what Spirit is trying to say to you? Would you like to get the message? This download makes simple and easy.

Fixing the Message
You'll get the message, go into that part of you and fix it; whatever 'it' is. This is priceless ~ You'll change the outer circumstances of your life by changing the inner workings of your mind. This download accompanies What's the message beautifully.

Solving the Unsolvable
Solving the Unsolvable leads you to that place where you are able to unlock the answers. Whether it is a personal challenge, some type of equation or a major life dilemma, this meditation will work for you.
Tap into that Infinite Intelligence inside of you. You have the answer to all of your questions inside of you. This meditation will help you with anything that you have been unable to answer or figure out. Need help, guidance, or a creative windfall?
This download makes it simple and easy to 'get' it.

Your Meditation Workbook
This 80 page workbook goes with the meditations [on this site] and was created to help you achieve all of your goals.

The Meditation and Hypnosis Series is dedicated to everyone who wants to Lighten-Up and make a difference in the world and connect with their Higher Selves and live a more abundant and spiritual life.

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