This download helps you connect with your missing pet. You'll communicate with them mind to mind, help them get home and get your questions answered. <3 Sending you Light in this trying time. Appx 20 min
If you're planning on taking any of the classes or doing any mind to mind communication work, get this course! It's everything you need to get rid of any doubts and make communicating mind to mind simple and easy.
This 239 page Workbook is made to go with all of the classes Guided Meditation, Creative Visualization & Hypnosis in the title.
Use your Spiritual Light to bring balance to the planet, your body and your life. This is the manual that goes with all the classes in this section. (All of the Light the Earth downloads work with this manual/course.)
This Light the Earth Meditation focuses on Nature and all the animals on the planet. If you are an animal lover, this is for you. This is a great addition to any meditation practice or wonderful for someone who has never meditated before.
This is a must have if you're interested in taking any of the Mind to Mind classes. It has everything you need to create a good space to start your psychic work. Have fun! 73 pgs
This download sets you up for any psychic work you're doing. You may use it alone or with anything else that you're doing. It's super short (8 min) so that you can fit it in any time that you need it.
This 22 min download sets you up to communicate mind to mind. It makes it simple and easy for all of your mind to mind work. How Fun! You may listen to this as much as you like. Enjoy!
$9.95 $19.95
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