This just a short and sweet explanation of hypnosis, how to use all of the downloads, and a couple pictures of me so you know who you're listening to. ;) Enjoy!
We have a plethora of complimentary affirmation eBooks that complement and accompany all of the downloads. The videos are for your convenience to pick your affirmation for the day/evening. Enjoy!
This guided meditation video helps you connect with your missing pet. You'll communicate with them mind to mind, help them get home and get your questions answered. <3 Sending you Light in this trying time. Appx 20 min
[Cute Hearts] Connecting with your Pet(s) Affirmation Images Video: This is a great way to pick your affirmation for the night. Happy Chatting!
We want to remind everyone that kindness matters and that this world is what we make of it. Please enjoy these beautiful and complimentary affirmation images.
This is a courtesy Hypnosis Video Download for Regularly Scheduled Hypnotherapy Clients. Have your journal next to you when you listen to it. Expect to channel. And bring your notes with you when you come in. You may listen to this as often as you wish.
This is a video of our 28 page eBook that walks you through how to best use your all of your positive affirmations and your diary pages. Happy Watching! (This is a long video with animal sounds in the background.)
This complimentary video session accompanies [reinforces and helps you with] your affirmation and diary entries and exercises. Only download and listen to this if you're using the affirmation diary sets. Enjoy!
Please enjoy this complimentary download. It's made specifically for those of you whom love using hypnosis to change your life! Happy Creating!
This guided meditation video sets you up for any psychic work you're doing. You may use it alone or with anything else that you're doing. It's super short (8 min) so that you can fit it in any time that you need it.
Please download the short introduction to our complimentary Soothing Sounds Line. Happy Listening!
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