Communicating Mind to Mind (# 2)

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This set comes with three downloads and a workbook. It's everything you need to get rid of any doubts and make communicating mind to mind simple and easy.

The Downloads:
All of the downloads emphasize increasing your psychic abilities, keeping your energy clear and making mind to mind communication simple, easy and natural.

Higher Self Connection:
Listen to this download first. (Get good at this one! It'll help with all your future classes).
This download is approximately 20 minutes. It teaches you how to relax your mind and your body and tune into your Higher Self. You can use this anytime you like.

This download is approximately 10 minutes. You can use it alone or right before any of your other downloads or journaling exercises and diary entries. It erases any negative programs you may have, eliminates doubts and sets you up to feel clear and confident. It's short so that you may use it in conjunction with any of your mind to mind work.

This download is approximately 40 minutes. Decide before you listen to it what you would like to do afterward. It's set up to wake you up or put you to sleep. Yay! This one you can fit in whenever. It's all fabulous mind to mind communication programming.

Your Meditation & Hypnosis Workbook: This 77 page workbook goes with the hypnosis and meditation downloads and was created to help you achieve all of your goals. (It's a combination of the Your Hypnosis Workbook and Your Meditation Workbook. It is recommended that you purchase the hypnosis and meditation inserts to go with this workbook).

The Meditation and Hypnosis Series is dedicated to everyone who wants to Lighten-Up and make a difference in the world and connect with their Higher Selves and live a more abundant and spiritual life.

Note: You'll use the hypnosis part of this workbook for these three downloads and the meditation section for all of the individual classes.

* You need to get the Mind to Mind Communication Pre-Course to go with this course and all of the individual classes.

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