Unlimited Streaming for our DIY Downloads and Guided Meditations! Join one of our Monthly Clubs. There's a free 24 hour trial for our Hypnosis and Meditation of the Month Clubs. And the Just for Kids Club has a 3 day trial period. Enjoy!
Communicate with your pets (and any animals you're interested in). [Personalized] coaching sessions are a great way to keep yourself on track and get all of your questioned answered.
Sometimes we all need a bit of guidance. Everything in here works... The key is to figure out what you need. You'll get your questions answered and get a list of what to listen to to keep you on track with all of your goals.
We all need a bit of guidance sometimes. This download leads into that part of you that can get you the answers that you seek and the help that you need. It's on sale because we all need a little help sometimes. :)
$10.95 $15.95
This download is an Instant Motivation Boost. It's short. It's fast. It's amazing. It fills you with energy. Use it anytime you feel like you can't do it, are too tired or just simply don't have the oomph to do what you need to.
$3.95 $15.95
~ ♥ ~ Facebook Special ~ ♥ ~ Full of Love Pet Supplies .com Save on a Pet Psychic & Medium Session with this coupon. Pay only $80 for a $125 Certificate. (Phone Sessions Available.)
$80.00 $125.00
Our pets are so incredibly valuable and important. There's nothing worse than worrying about them or watching them struggle. That's why we're offering this special at such a discounted rate. You won't find it in anywhere else. ♥
$399.99 $803.80
This 22 min download sets you up to communicate mind to mind. It makes it simple and easy for all of your mind to mind work. How Fun! You may listen to this as much as you like. Enjoy!
$9.95 $19.95
Change those old habits and thoughts about putting things off and doing it later and get things done now! *Sale Price due to 'interference' at the very end of this recording.*
$3.95 $15.95
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